Make a Fashion Statement With Clutch Nails

clutch nails

When a woman wants to change her look and make a fashion statement, a Clutch Nail is the perfect solution. These cling-on nails are designed with a short and feminine pink background on the front and a modern black rule on the back. The wrap-around background image is a great way to express the personality of a nail SKU. The nail design also combines modern styling and ease of application.

Clutch Nails are easy to apply and can last up to two weeks. Unlike acrylics and nail extensions, press-on nails don’t need any maintenance. You can reuse the nail for as many as five times, depending on the length of the application. They are non-damaging and can last up to two weeks. Plus, they look and feel like regular acrylic nails, and you can wash them off just like regular acrylic nails.

Press-on nails are easy to apply and can be worn for as long as you want. Unlike acrylics and gel nails, press-on nails are completely reusable and can last for up to two weeks. In addition, they can be reapplied as many times as you want without the hassle of regular manicures. Even though clutch nails don’t require any maintenance, they are just as good as their acrylic counterparts. And because they look like professional acrylics, they won’t peel off easily or chip.

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