Rune Wood – Where Myth Conflix With Runecloth Come Together

Rune Wood is a powerful tool for crafting. Rune is a form of the element Earth. It is also the thinnest of all elements and is the weakest. Many people have the misconception that Rune is strong, and therefore only useful for weaponry and war equipment, however this is far from true. Rune has many uses in RuneScape. In this article I’ll explain the benefits of using Rune for crafting.

Rune Wood

When I first started playing RuneScape, I was farming freely. It was then when I got a message about free delivery. My first reaction was to get a sick player and try to send them a pack of rune essence. This is an awful idea as you never know if the player is actually going to use it or not. I’ve gotten a free delivery before but it was very long after I had used up all my stocks.

It wasn’t until I got near the southern west part of the city that I started to use Rune again. Near the southern woods there is a bones pile where players can pick up rune essence and bones which are required to build up the walls of a house. So now I had to go back to the northern part of the city to collect more free delivery tokens, but it was much easier because the bones were in my possession instead of on the NPCs.

After a few days of collecting free delivery tokens I was approached by an aggressive player. I recognised him from one of the previous free delivery jobs. He said that I needed to kill three players to get the free delivery. I asked what he meant by ” kill” and he told me that these players needed to be killed so that I could collect their souls. I was dumbfounded because normally in the game there would never be any mobs blocking a free delivery spot.

He then used some nasty language and told me that if I didn’t cooperate his “army” would come for me. I was actually trying to explain that I had no army and he just didn’t want to hear me out. He left with my soul and promptly disappeared. This made me very angry because there was no way that I could have gotten his soul without killing him first. It was very upsetting to think that someone could manipulate or abuse another person’s natural instinct to help them.

When I returned to Runewood I was all cleaned up. The free spirit was gone and Runewood was still standing. So I used my new found wisdom to craft Runecloth and taught it to the people near where I found the body. Now the wilderness is filled with Runecloth chests and I sell them for a fair price.

There is a story behind Runewood and the fact that I was the first to use it. The Rune Master, a high ranking player, was travelling through the game when he came upon Runewood. He was upset that his prize was taken by some guards so he challenged me to a fight. I couldn’t back down from this challenge so I crafted Runecloth and used it to protect myself. The Rune Master seemed to have no problem with this so he gave me his Runewood as a prize.

I can never thank Runewood enough for teaching me how to craft Runecloth. Without him I wouldn’t have been able to use the powerful Rune spells I have used throughout my gaming experience. He taught me that the real power of Rune stems from the mind rather than the body. By using the mind, we can conjure up any spell imaginable!

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